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Electronic Pump Stroke Counter: The oilfield Pump Stroke System is user-friendly and reliable and is configurable to measure a single mud pump. View Product. RPM & SPM Systems: Counter One of the types of Stroke Counters is a small compact stroke counter with five digits to assure accurate reading. Stroke Counter is available with reset knob to bring all figures back to zero.Some of the typical applications are, Duplicating machines, Circuit breakers to count number of make and break operations, Coil winders, Hand presses, etc.

Psc-301 pump stroke counter

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Alternate inputs are 0-5 VDC/0-10 VDC signal or incremental contact closures. The one-piece controller-positioner mounts directly to the pump. Concrete Cylinder Stroke Length: 55 in: 1400 mm: 63 in: 1600 mm: Differential Piston/Rod Diameter: 3.15/ 2.16 in: 80/ 55 mm: 4.72/ 3.14 in: 120/ 80 mm: Outlet Diameter: 5 in: 125 mm: 7 in: 180 mm: Concrete Valve Type: Long Rock™ M Rock™ Shifting Cylinders: 2: 2: Max. Pump Strokes Per Minute (Rod/Piston) 34: 30/23: Volume Control: 0 to The counter automatically tracks up to 10 pump strokes on an easy-to-read dial. For accurate gas measurements, it is important to complete the correct number of pump strokes. The GV-110 with stroke counter will automatically provide an accurate tally. After sampling, the counter can be reset to zero with a simple twist of the dial.

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Compare this to other digital types that may have up to 20 or more parts needed to perform the same functions. It is the world’s first pump stroke sensor that is mounted to the outside housing of the rig pump. It is mounted and stays in place by the use of a heavy duty magnet. The Magneto PSS is completely capable of detecting and counting Oil Rig “mud pump piston strokes” without having to make or be in contact with the pistons.

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The 2100 Pump Stroke Counter Systems includes cable. Cable is required for new orders; clients with existing cable may use the existing cable with a new 2100 Pump Stroke Counter System. Two cable lengths are required, main cable and leg cable. 4. CERTIFICATION CSA: Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D ( Standard ) 2011-05-04 · individual total count per pump, and strokes per minute (SPM) on each pump. The upper LCD window displays total strokes for all active pumps as well as total strokes for each individual pump.

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Psc-301 pump stroke counter

Download the Two-pump digital Stroke rate meter Packed with features, the Gastec Gas Sampling Pump with Stroke Counter (PN GV-110-S-TR) is the only pump you need for measuring gas and vapor concentrations quickly and accurately. Small, lightweight, and rugged, this pump is perfectly calibrated, displays ambient temperature, and includes a lifetime warranty. It is simple, always ready, and intrinsically safe.

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4017 Series. Economical Counters with Choice of … The Forum Pump Stroke Counter/Rate Meter displays both the total number of strokes and the strokes per minute for two mud pumps up to 1,024 strokes per minute for each pump.

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